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Sport Bike Modifications - LED Lighting

Release Time : 2018-06-06 11:32:03
Every year there are thousands of bike accidents that happen. Most of these accidents occur because the other driver did not see the motorcycle. In order to be seen its important to have lights and reflectors on your bike, especially at night.
Most states have become quite lenient with riders having LED lights on their bike at night. As long as these LEDs are not flashing red and blue you should be okay. While every state is different I have noticed where I live up here in Central Wisconsin that the police have been fine with motorcycle riders having LEDs on.
There are many different types of LEDs out in the market today. The main ones that you will see while surfing the internet are the 3528 SMDs and 5050 SMDs. The numbers given to these different types of LED strips indicate the size of the chip that house the individual LEDs. The 5050 SMDs house 3 LEDs per chip, compared to only 1 LED per chip on the 3528 SMDs.
The LEDs that I use and prefer are 5050 SMD LEDs. These LED strips have a black PCB (or Power Circut Board) and are wired in parallel which allows you to cut the LED strip every 3 LEDs.
Some of the wonderful things about using LED lights is the low power consumption to keep them on, and also their extremely long life expectancy of 50,000 hours. That is about 13.7 years if used for 10 hours every single day.
Another important factor when choosing LED lights for your ride is whether they are waterproof. If they are not waterproof you better hope you never get caught in the rain because they will short out and become junk. The LED strips become waterproof due to silicone that encases the entire strip, which also in turn makes it shockproof.

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